Emeritus Solutions Ltd

Delivering Ingenuity


The essence of our culture and values is the professional ethic, to deliver the required service cognisant of the broader picture.


Many professional bodies have prepared ethical statements appropriate to Engineering; Emeritus Solutions Ltd policy is for its employees and contractors to be guided by applicable ethical frameworks.

Especially pertinent to the company's business is the ethical and professional guidance of the Engineering Council and the Royal Academy of Engineering [Statement of Ethical Principles], The Institution of Engineering and Technology [IET's Rules of Conduct], The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers [IEEE Code of Ethics poster] and The Association for Computing Machinery [ACM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct] and the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice as recommended by the ACM/IEEE-CS Joint Task Force .

On the broader ethical canvas, Emeritus Solutions subscribes to the Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact encompassing human rights, labour rights, the environment and bribery, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights . Emeritus Solutions also subscribes to the Ethical Trading Initiative (Base Code) which provides a concise statement of acceptable labour practice.


As a small company, Emeritus Solutions' influence on environmental sustainability, as a minor consumer, is largely restricted to following best practice in procurement and operating in a CarbonLite manner. Nevertheless, proactive policies can be and are applied to sustainable employee and company development.

By operating in a CarbonLite manner, primarily through the use electronic communication rather than short term physical presence, Emeritus Solutions seeks to minimise the carbon footprint of its projects. Similarly, customers are generally offered electronic delivery of outputs to eliminate the impacts of tangible media and their distribution.

Sustainable employee development to enhance and expand personnel competencies is fundamental to our business. While knowledge is important to our business, the ability to obtain knowledge is even more important. Consequently, our policy is generally to use private study to develop competencies. Obviously, where external training is more cost effective or certification is necessary external providers are used. In a nutshell, we have a very high level of commitment to Continuing Professional Development.

Emeritus Solutions' development policy is for sustainable development of the company through an expanding, predominantly organically generated capability base and assets.


Emeritus Solutions supports the protection of the environment in the broadest sense, recognises that many resources are finite and must be used responsibly, and understands that all actions have environmental effects.

Commitment to Net Zero

Emeritus Solutions is committed to achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2050 or sooner.

In measuring and managing its Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, Emeritus Solutions has the difficulty that beyond scope 1 emissions, it is essentially dependent on the efforts of others to reduce its emissions. Scope 2 (heating / cooling / electricity) emissions are of course minimised by prudent use. However, their reduction to net zero depends on the delivery by suppliers, regulators and statutory authority of genuinely net zero solutions. Scope 3 (by suppliers in our value chain): here Emeritus Solutions has the difficulty as an SME that it cannot in general influence its trading partners and must depend on their trending to Net Zero in response to regulatory, statutory and societal pressures.

Regarding Scope 1. Operating in a CarbonLite manner, as outlined in the sustainability section, is intended to minimise our variable carbon footprint. The use of electronic communication and delivery is we believe another valuable contribution to reduction of our (scope 1) carbon footprint.

The Circular Economy

Emeritus Solutions applies the principles of the circular economy whenever reasonably possible.

Emeritus Solutions considers that its primary contribution to the circular economy is through the design, iterative enhancement and selective remanufacture of systems with very long life cycles. An example is, the life cycle extension of systems designed in the 1970's for several additional decades, with ab initio provision for sustainment by enabling ongoing development and any necessary re-manufacture or replacement.

Emeritus Solutions also contributes to the circular economy in more prosaic ways. For example, it is our practice, where possible, to purchase used books, for reference, training, etc. The rationale for this policy is the minimisation of the marginal environmental cost; cf digital documents which require a computer / display and energy to enable reading. Additionally, where reasonably possible Emeritus Solutions recycles materiel internally; e.g. by repurposing.

Health and Safety

Emeritus Solutions is committed to achieving zero negative health and safety impacts through its operations. Additionally, we are committed where reasonably practicable to achieve positive health and safety outcomes, typically, by improving risk mitigation or by eliminating risks.

Emeritus Solutions considers that health and safety considerations assume priority over all other factors.

Emeritus Solutions' Health and Safety policy:

  • to provide adequate control of the health and safety risks arising from our work activities
  • to consult with our employees on matters affecting their health and safety
  • to provide and maintain safe plant and equipment
  • to ensure safe handling and use of substances
  • to provide information, instruction and supervision for employees
  • to ensure all employees are competent to do their tasks, and to give them adequate training
  • to prevent accidents and cases of work-related ill-health
  • to maintain safe and healthy working conditions
  • to review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals


  • stop any work that becomes unsafe
  • only undertake work for which you are trained, competent, medically fit and sufficiently rested and alert to carry out
  • make sure you know what to do if an emergency occurs at your place of work
  • help ensure that those who work with you - client's personnel, employees, contractors and other third parties - act consistently with Emeritus Solutions' health and safety policy
  • ensure that any accident, injury, illness, unsafe or unhealthy condition, incident, spill or release of material to the environment is reported to a cognisant authority - never assume that someone else will report a risk or concern


  • undertake work when your performance is impaired by alcohol or other drugs, legal or illegal, prescribed or otherwise
  • possess, use or transfer illegal drugs or other substances on company premises
  • use threats, intimidation or other violence at work
  • bring weapons (including those used for sporting purposes) onto company premises

Drugs and Alcohol

Emeritus Solutions has a policy of zero tolerance to drugs and alcohol, and may test any person working on its sites for alcohol and drug use - this may be part of random testing, in response to an allegation or following an incident.

However, Emeritus Solutions will seek to assist any employee who has a drug or alcohol problem.

Nonetheless, Emeritus Solutions expects employees and contractors not to:

  • undertake work when their performance is impaired by alcohol or other drugs, legal or illegal, prescribed or otherwise
  • possess, use or transfer illegal drugs or other substances on company premises
  • use drugs whilst at work that cause the impairment of faculties, whether under prescription or not

Disabilities and Equality

Emeritus Solutions' policy is to meet its obligations under the Disability Discrimination Acts (1995 & 2005), and to promote equality in all its dimensions. In this we are guided firstly by our ethical principles, and in matters of detail by statutory and regulatory requirements and best practice guidance; see, for example, Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Bribery and Corruption

Emeritus Solutions Ltd policy is to work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery. This policy follows immediately from our ethical principles.

The UK Bribery Act 2010 entered into force on 1 July 2011, subsequent to the publication as required by the Act of Guidance about procedures which relevant commercial organisations can put into place to prevent persons associated with them from bribing. The finalised guidance sets out six principles : Proportionate procedures, Top level commitment, Risk assessment, Due diligence, Communication, and Monitoring and review. Emeritus Solutions Ltd considers that for a company of its scale and modality a proportionate response is to acquaint all employees and associates with this policy and request they drill into the references provided to obtain an understanding appropriate to their role.

The Law Commission's report on UK Bribery and Corruption legislation LC313, which underpins the Bribery Act 2010, offers succinctly phrased guidance on the nub of the issue. Emeritus Solutions Ltd expects its officers, employees and (any) agents to adhere to this guidance:

"Do not make payments to someone (or favor them in any other way) if you know that this will involve someone in misuse of their position"

"Do not misuse your position in connection with payments (or other favors) for yourself or others "

"Do not deliberately use advantages to try to influence foreign public officials for business reasons, without a legal justification "

Transparency International the global coalition against corruption is well known for its efforts to both measure and eliminate bribery and corruption. Its publications, including Business Principles for Countering Bribery (SME Edition) provide a clear exposition of the issues, and in Appendix A presents nine business principles for countering bribery to which Emeritus Solutions Ltd subscribes.

Gifts and Hospitality

The aim of the Gifts and hospitality policy is to guard against allegations of impropriety. Generally, gifts, hospitality or other benefits should be neither given or received where they might reasonably be seen to compromise personal judgement or integrity. However, local cultural norms should be considered and sensitivity toward them exhibited. Specifically, catering provision may be provided where it effects an efficient use of time or is otherwise necessary.

Modern Slavery

Emeritus Solutions Ltd abhors the practice of Modern Slavery. Our policy is to reject and report any product or services affected by Modern Slavery. As before this policy follows immediately from our ethical principles. A concise precis of Modern Slavery [served up by Google, but unattributed] is:

"Modern Slavery is the recruitment, movement, harbouring or receiving of children, women or men through the use of force, coercion, abuse of vulnerability, deception or other means for the purpose of exploitation"

A readable Typology of Modern Slavery Offences in the UK is provided by HMG. Fortunately few of the use cases are likely to occur in the course of Emeritus Solutions business. Nonetheless it provides concise definitions for both training and reference.

Emeritus Solutions' policy, should Modern Slavery be identified in the course of current, potential or historic business streams, is to follow the Modern Slavery Guidance published by HMG.

Materiel Compliance

Emeritus Solutions endorses the importance of using "correct" materiel and notes the difficulty of achieving this goal. In particular Counterfeit Components and adherence to RoHS controls are concerns applicable to electronic and computer equipment.

Emeritus Solutions' Counterfeit Components policy is:

  • to be guided regarding best practice by DFARS 252.246-7007 and DEF STAN 05-135 Issue 1
  • to adopt a zero-tolerance approach to counterfeit, fraudulent or suspect items
  • to procure materiel from OEM's formal distribution channels whenever appropriate
  • to inform clients and suppliers of potential difficulties; e.g. when sourcing obsolete or unobtanium components from component brokers is necessary - typically driven by expediency, e.g. to return systems to service
  • to inform clients of perceived instances of counterfeiting; e.g. serial number and date code discrepancies

Emeritus Solutions' electronics materials policy is:

  • where possible to specify new systems to contemporary materials and process standards; i.e. compliant to extant RoHS and SVHC guidance
  • generally to instruct the rework of historic materiel using original materials and processes, the canonic example is the rework of boards assembled with lead solders
  • to maintain knowledge of the legal, technological and practical issues regarding electronic assemblies' life cycles; e.g. tin whiskers and reliability concerns
  • to ensure clients are aware of any materiel which requires special handling due to RoHS or similar concerns

Product Safety

Emeritus Solutions is committed to the delivery of safe systems, hardware, services and paperware to our clients.

Emeritus Solutions' Product Safety policy is:

  • founded on the knowledge, experience and continuing development of our personnel
  • to deliver products meeting contractual, regulatory and statutory safety requirements
  • to inform and educate clients regarding the safety implications of our work
  • to provide, for relevant products, Declarations of Conformity

Supplier Compliance

Emeritus Solutions has a policy of working only with suppliers and clients who align with the preceeding norms. However, Emeritus Solutions has the difficulty as an SME that it is generally trading on other organisations' Ts & Cs and consequently is unable to enforce its norms, and must in general depend on third parties implicit adherence to contemporary norms.

Community Engagement

Emeritus Solutions has a policy of proactive engagement both with the local communities where it operates, and within the professional community with which it engages.

Engagement with local communities is necessarily on a small scale, but includes work performed ProBonoPublico and talks to local groups.

Examples of engagement with the professional community range from our policy of presenting and publishing technical papers (see, for example, the pdfs on this site), and our policy of providing feedback to software suppliers to provide other users with the benefit of our experience.

Continuous Improvement

Emeritus Solutions has a policy of continuous improvement of its technology, methods and policies to embody lessons learnt and maintain their appositeness.